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Saturnus Series 1 Carbo Twill 6+3 | DEF+

 150,00 Iva inclusa

def+ elastic

limba, limba, twill, ayous, carbonbiax, ayous, twill, limba, limba

Gr: 89

mm: 4,4




This blade has opened a new era in defensive blades as a 9-ply with a thickness of 4.4 mm and a weight of 90 g. has never been seen before.

The soft limba and ayous layers give great feel and touch while the twill fiber and the carbon layer provide very constant bouncing characteristics (sweet spot); this blade is therefore ideal for classic defense away from the table but allows very spinny and precise forehand top spin attacks. In its standard size (150 x 155) is particularly effective in combi strategy with OX pimples out on backhand and tensor rubbers on forehand; this combination stops your opponent’s attack and allows you a counterplay with sudden topspins close to the table.

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Additional Information
Dimensione piatto / Plate size

Allround – 153×160, Defence – 156×165, Standard new 150×157

Forma del manico / Handle shape

flared, Pen Hold, straight (27mm wide), straight (30mm wide)

Materiale del manico / Handle Material

Kiri (Paulownia), Oak