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Animus Blade

Made in Italy handcraft table tennis blades

The Animus project starts thanks to the partnership between table tennis players and experienced craftsmen with more than 30 of experience and knowledge in the production of items for the sports industry.

The project started to develop blades strictly handcrafted and made in Italy, thanks to the ability of selecting and assembling woods and materials that gives each blade its own soul.

Our blades have a unique soul

Our wood blades

They all take their name from Roman female gods, characterized by their special feeling that only wood can give.

Minerva, Diana and Venus are the name we have combined with our first 3 wooden blades with 3, 5 and 7 layers where features such as control, flexibility and speed are mixed to find the correct balance.

animus blade DIANA SERIE 1
animus blade ICARUS SERIE 1

Our composite blades

They all take their name from Roman male gods, each with his own soul well characterized.

Iainus, Jupiter, Virtus, Vulcanus and Mars are the name we have matched our first 5 blades where different types of wood are mixed with other materials such as aramid and carbon in order to obtain unique features.

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