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Vulcanus Series 3 Kevlar | OFF-

 135,00 Iva inclusa

off- / almost rigid

larch, kevlar, RED CEDAR, kevlar, larch

Gr: 88

Thickness: 6,3




Evolution of the appreciated series 2, this OFF- 5 layers almost rigid blade maintains unaltered the great sensitivity, for a game of attack where the control on quick shots have the priority over pure speed, but increasing the incisiveness of the top spin and pushed block thanks to a new soul in precious Canadian Red Cedar. Confirmed the final in compact Italian Larch, which gives that particular and unmistakable sound, while in the middle of a layer of Kevlar offers excellent stability and great hit center.

This combination in particular allows excellent rotations on services and opening tops, and precise and fast block to the table for a game that is always dynamic, but with great control.

Well fits any type of offensive rubber, as well as the short pimps on the reverse.

Additional Information
Dimensione piatto / Plate size

Allround – 153×160, Standard new 150×157

Forma del manico / Handle shape

flared, Pen Hold, straight (27mm wide), straight (30mm wide)

Materiale del manico / Handle Material

Kiri (Paulownia), Oak