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Neptunus Series 4 VTR | OFF-

 140,00 Iva inclusa

off- / speed elastic

kotò, glass fiber, limba, AYOUS, limba, glass fiber, kotò

Gr: 85

Thickness: 5,8




This is a very versatile blade joining the already existing Neptunus series. The feeling of the ball increases thanks to a new glass fiber glued to two layers of limba and kotò respectively with special technique and an exclusive filling inside the handle. At the same time you have great confidence while playing fast topspins both in progressive and sudden attacks.

By using fast medium hard rubbers, performing very well on this blade, a skilled player can force opening topspins relying on sure and deep loops. Softer rubbers on backhand allow a very safe blocks with sudden and precise changes of direction followed by a rally-finishing shot.

This blade is also suitable for allround players allowing them to play a middle distance defense with long pips on backhand followed by powerful forehand topspins.

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Additional Information
Dimensione piatto / Plate size

Allround – 153×160, Standard new 150×157

Forma del manico / Handle shape

flared, Pen Hold, straight (27mm wide), straight (30mm wide)

Materiale del manico / Handle Material

Kiri (Paulownia), Oak