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Neptunus Series 5 ZLC | OFF++

 170,00 Iva inclusa

off++ / rigid

Kotò, ZLC, Limba, Kiri, Limba, ZLC, Kotò

Gr: 88

Thickness: 6,2




Elegant and technological 7 plies blade for skillful players. A new gluing system of the fine Zylon fiber near the last soft Koto layer gives great control to this blade.

Above all, thanks to this feature, the blade is not affected by the opponent spin in slow shots like answer to serve and short push but is very fast at the same time.

Very skillful players will play with new parameters of speed and push having very good control anyway. This blade is very suitable for short pips or frictionless antispin on backhand.

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Additional Information
Dimensione piatto / Plate size

Allround – 153×160, Standard new 150×157

Forma del manico / Handle shape

flared, Pen Hold, straight (27mm wide), straight (30mm wide)

Materiale del manico / Handle Material

Kiri (Paulownia), Oak