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Ianus Series 3 Combi Carbo and Kevlar | OFF+

 145,00 Iva inclusa

off / almost rigid

limba, kotò, carbon, KIRI, limba, aramid allgrey, limba

Gr: 88

Thickness: 5,8



This is mostly a combi blade for offensive players.
Differently from other blades with the outer layer of carbon this blade is not too stiff as Red Aramid is softer than carbon giving for this reason more feeling and precision.
If you use Red Aramid on the forehand side you can have high power (when needed), speed, control, high throw angle and a huge amount of spin. The backhand side has a stiff Carbon near the center core: the Biaxial Carbon. This side is especially suitable for new generation short pimple rubbers as the trajectory of the ball is lower and flatter than most of other blades; for this reason spin and deception are very high making this blade among the favorites for a play with fast blocks near the table. Of course you can also use the Carbon on FH and Aramid on the BH depending on your style of play remembering that Red Aramid has better feeling than Carbon while the latter is probably faster.

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Additional Information
Dimensione piatto / Plate size

Allround – 153×160, Standard new 150×157

Forma del manico / Handle shape

flared, Pen Hold, straight (27mm wide), straight (30mm wide)

Materiale del manico / Handle Material

Kiri (Paulownia), Oak